Mobile, no fix, no fee, Computer Services for the home in South Wales


Secure Online Browsing

thumbnailIf you use your computer to carry out online transactions or to carry out tasks that you consider senstive, then there are enhanced procedures you can use to minimise the risk of such information being compromised by viruses, keyloggers & root kits.

This service will bypass your hard drive and allow you to complete online transactions or surfing habbits without having to worry about viruses or information being stored on the hard drive.
So whether you want to pay for a holiday by card, or browse the internet in complete privacy, this is the solution for you.

A one off fee of £39.99 includes everything you need, including a quick demonstation and the answers to any questions related to this service including networking/security. This soultion can also work on any computer, so you may also take it away with you on holiday.