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Media Conversion

thumbnailImage Restoration: Repair & Restore damaged photos to their former glory.

Straight to DVD: Transfer your video footage to DVD/BLURAY & add menus, music, transitions. Make unlimited copies & distribute them to friends & family to watch on a stand alone player.

Photo Library: Digitise your photos and categorise them into an electronic catalogue which can be viewed on a DVD player, computer, internet & more.

Media Conversion: Convert and Transfer old photos, slides, cassettes, VHS, and other forms of ‘older’ media and centralise it to a digital format for more freedom.
Audio Extraction: Extract Audio from any source and make it work through any another medium.
Video Extraction: Extract single frames of footage from a video and turn them into standalone pictures.
Media Backup: Digitise your precious media/memories, encrypt it and have it stored off site so in the event of a loss you’ll always have a digital backup.