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Custom Built PC

thumbnailIf you've always wanted to build your own computer from scratch but never quite had the confidence to go through with it, I can do this for you or I can instruct, advise and give you a helping hand to ensure you stay on the right track.

I will be able to build you a better, cheaper, more reliable pc than what you can get at any high-street store and you can see it being built from the ground up.

I can also advise on all aspects of the hardware and how it will relate to the software, so whether you want something fairly basic, or a multi-threaded power house to chew through video editing, music and 3D rendering, I'm going to be able to spec up exactly what you need and provide you with a variety of other options which vary in cost and long term upgrade potential so you'll get the best possible deal. I make no money on parts, so you can rest assured if I build you a computer its built with your needs and budget.